​Online Box Office

The online box office makes purchases available to any individual, group or organization that wants to provide their ticket buyers with an option to purchase event tickets online. We send you a link to your event page so you can post it on your website, flyers or other social media. Once your buyers complete a transaction online to purchase tickets, the system automatically sends them a sale confirmation email outlining all their transaction details. The system also sends your buyers an 'e-ticket', which can be presented at the gates for entry.

Physical Box Office

Clients may opt to set up a physical location(s) from which to sell either physical or online tickets.  For online tickets, the buyer provides their name and email address to the ticket attendant who enters the information, makes the purchase on the buyer's behalf and sends the ticket and receipt to the buyers email address.  Alternatively, the attendant can print and deliver the eticket to the buyer.

For physical tickets, 4 Circles will provide the client  with a printer and administrator access to cloud printing.  Clients can opt to print batches of tickets for sale to buyers who come to the physical box office.  Alternatively, tickets can be printed in advance by 4 Circles and delivered to the clients. 

Event Accreditation

Our accreditation solutions allows for online registration of event participants.  Online registration allows for the capture of data from multiple sources ready for our clients to review and act upon.  The resulting accreditation database allows for end-to-end accreditation - gather the data, process through vetting and produce the final badge.  Our badge production solutions comes in multiple possible formats that can be customized and stylized to your event brand. 

Mobile Scanning

Mobile scanning is designed for clients who want to manage their gates on their own.  The 4 Circles Scanner App is available for both iOS and Android and allows clients to scan tickets and badges.  Part of the service includes providing the client with an attendance report at the end of the event.

On-Site Services

On site scanning services are designed for clients who would like 4 Circles Inc to manage the gates at their events.  4 Circles Inc will provide the scanning equipment and personnel to scan tickets and badges and to fit wristbands.